"Let your body be heard."
About the Practitioner

Laura Caputo, Ms.T., CMT, BFA, CAMTC

Training: I.P.S.B., Samra University, NYU, University of Oklahoma,  Life Energy Institute

Who I Work With: It doesn't matter the age, I work with individuals and families that are open to being healthy. My clients are awesome!  I work with busy parents, professional volleyball players and Ironman tri-athletes, active retirees as well as babies and children.  I enjoy hearing about my clients' goals and dreams, and when possible, lend a helping hand along the way.

Practice Philosophy: Healing, peace, relaxation, and joy are all ready and waiting for you in any given moment.  My job as your massage therapist is to help you get to that place of relief.  The tools I use distract from the dysfunctional patterns that keep the pain in play.  We tap into your body's innate desire and ability to heal and get everything else out of the way.  I've studied a lot of different techniques over the past two and a half decades, but what it comes down to is creating and allowing the space for the body and mind to sync up. Myofascial release, deep tissue, integrative cranial sacral unwinding, prenatal, postnatal, sports massage, acupressure, reflexology are among the many tools I use.  We will work together to customize a session that works just for you.  My goal is to help your nervous system, muscles and connective tissues relax by holding the space for your innate wellness to take hold.

Why I Do What I Do:  I am an artist and a scientist.  I love connecting the dots, integrating ideas, and exploring the world around me, known and unknown. Doing massage and bodywork allows me to connect with some very cool souls and bring a sense of meditative awareness to the immediate moment.  My hands have been a vehicle of healing since as long as I can remember.  There is an intuitive flow to my work, a "relaxed knowing" that comes through me.  With input from the client along with my intuition, I'm directed where and how to work on the body. Even after all of these years, I am surprised at times to see how profound this gift can be and how it helps free my clients to live full lives with more ease.

A Little Bit About Me:  Originally from San Jose, I've been living in Redondo Beach since 1999. I've got two amazing children.   My desire to play and have fun on this beautiful planet and learn about what makes other people tick has led me to travel and explore many interests from chasing tornadoes to sticking people with acupuncture needles and prescribing herbal medicine, to writing and publishing a few books and performing in film, theatre and improvisation from California to New York.  Life is good!  If you've forgotten that, I can help you remember!

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